What's the difference between private lessons and classes?

Some people are initially very reluctant to try the class, dancing in front of other people is a step too far. Don't worry private lessons can be arranged at my studio or at your home (subject to safety checks). The portable pole allows the convenience of a personal instructor in the comfort of your home. Prices for private lessons are available upon enquiry and must be pre-booked and a deposit paid. The classes are small but you will be sharing the studio and class with other like minded ladies. All classes are for 1 hour and private lessons are 45 minutes to an hour dependant upon the numbers attending and your level of fitness.

What do I wear?

Regular work-out clothes that you would wear to the gym are good however, as you start getting fabulous on the pole (with practice) you will be encouraged to wear a t-shirt without sleeves and shorts. This is because it is easier and safer to pole dance with as much skin contact as possible. However, it will always be your decision on what work-out clothes you wish to wear, it is always best to be comfortable. Shorts are not essential but are beneficial but ultimately you have to be happy!

What do I wear on my feet?

Most of the girls in the class dance in bare feet or leg warmers but should you wish to bring along your high heels that's great, sexy boots and footwear are too good to ignore.


Try remember to leave your jewelry (including big earrings and bracelets) at home as they will get scratched and damage the poles.

Do I need to wear oils/moisturise my skin?

It is not necessary to oil or moisturise your skin, in fact this is dangerous and will make things harder for you and your pole buddies! Try to remember not to moisturise your hands or body on the day of your class/lesson.

I'm scared

Being anxious is entirely normal, lots of people are scared and nervous simply because they do not know what to expect. Most people worry about their weight, their age, their cellulite, their fitness levels etc. Everyone is naturally anxious the first time they attend, but the class is very friendly and everyone is so helpful you will soon forget your nerves.

What should I expect?

You will expect a fun but challenging workout like no other you have ever done before. The classes are generally one hour long and incorporate all the components of a safe exercise class, including a warm up and a stretch. You will then work through various things including; moves, spins, transitions or anything else you might fancy.

How many people are in the class?

The classes are relatively small and personal with approximately 2 people to a pole during the class, there are 5 poles in the studio.

Things to consider

Unfortunately this amount of fun can leave you with bruises or red marks on your arms and legs so be warned. You will wear these bruises with pride! You will ache after your first class as you will use muscles you didn't know you had, this will get better with time.

Health considerations

If you suffer from any illness or health conditions that may affect your ability to pole dance please let me know. Or maybe you have any questions about how some injuries or illness may affect you being able to pole dance don't hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to answer any questions in strict confidentiality. If you are very concerned it may be best to get medical clearance before you start.


I'm afraid pregnancy and pole dancing don't go well together, so if you are pregnant you should put your feet up and avoid pole dancing. Alternatively if you have had your baby and are wanting to lose the baby weight, you are more than welcome to come and see me but please get clearance from your midwife first (especially if you have had a C section).

How do I start pole dancing?

Please email or contact me on miranda.hodgkin@sky.com or 07770805188 to enquire about availability. It is currently necessary to book in advance as classes are small and get full quickly.